I am just an amateur photographer, with an interest with photos.
My interest in photographing started with an instamatic camera. In those years i didn´t thing of the possibilities with photographing. During the years i have had a lots of compact cameras, but it var in the year of 1997 that a bought my first system camera. It was not a advanced one, but it did just what i wanted it to do.

Now i have ivested i a Nikon D90. With this camera i will explore more of the photographing. I is so easy to see what it became of the photo and if it was bad i can try again, without lots of costs as if it was with the old photo negatives.

Fly fishing

Fly fishing has a great significance for me during the summer.
I seek my self out to rivers and smaler creeks to fly fish. One week during the summer i´m going out to the great mountains to get the quietness. it´s so relaxing to get out in the mountains along with some god friends. No one can get in contact with us, the phones does not work there. it´s a great way to relax and just listen to birds and see all the animals around us.

The tipi is our base camp. From there we look up smal creeks and smal lakes to fish. The Artic char is on the top of the list, but the queen of the current is the Grayling (currents Greata Garbo), she´s the one that can give you a big fight in the stream.


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